Submersible Pumps

Quality and long term reliability

Submersible Pumps

Quality and long term reliability

If you are looking for a submersible pump, talk to us and we will make sure you select and purchase the product that best fits your purpose. All our staff have extensive knowledge and experience and you’ll find us friendly and approachable.

With our fully-equipped fleet of vans, we can not only deliver your pump quickly but also install, maintain, service and repair so that your system stays up and running and you have peace of mind.

A submersible pump is a self-contained unit with a built-in sealed motor, which pumps effectively when completely submersed in fluid.

Submersible pumps are used in a variety of applications including sewage and drainage.

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Heating Pumps

Helping your systems to run better

Heating Pumps

Helping your systems to run better

The Dura Pump team sets out to solve your complete heating or cooling system needs. If you know exactly what water pump you want, we’ll supply it quickly and efficiently.

As trusted suppliers with access to a vast number of global pump manufacturers, we can give the very best advice on products from long coupled pumps, in-line pumps and end section pumps.

However, often in the same way that most illnesses are not cured by repairing the heart, most systems need care and attention that goes beyond the pump. So if you need more than pump supply, we’re the engineers for you.

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Chiller Pumps

Adapting our skills to your system

Chiller Pumps

Adapting our skills to your system

We have an extensive range of chiller pumps, whether you are creating a new system or need to replace a failed chiller pump. We are particularly diligent at sourcing obsolete chiller pumps, and we are great at supplying the best direct substitute if the one you need is no longer available.

We are engineering experts who care about our customers, care how you operate and use our common sense and experience to ensure you get the best value for your cash. When you need support with chiller pumps and chilled water system applications, call our team for a fast and highly effective solution.

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Multistage pumps

Pumps from all main global manufacturers

Multistage pumps

Pumps from all main global manufacturers

An economical way of gaining high pressure in a centrifugal pump is to include multiple impellers within the pump casing; this is known as a multi-stage pump. We have access to all main multi-stage pump manufacturers such as Grundfos, Xylem and KSB, so we can supply you with the pump you need.

More importantly you may need advice and support, installation, repair and maintenance and this is where our one-stop-shop approach pays dividends. Before selecting a multi-stage pump, you are likely to benefit from our advice so please feel free to give us a call. We exist to make your life easier.

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Process pumps

Leading UK supplier of process pumps

Process pumps

Leading UK supplier of process pumps

Some of the world’s most advanced pumping solutions available for common and uncommon needs.

If you are trying to pump something common such as waste water or something that’s never or rarely been pumped before such as chicken legs, you’ll find lateral thinkers at Dura Pump who can design, supply and maintain your system.

Barrel and Drum unloaders
We supply and support barrel and drum unloaders to evacuate viscous materials quickly and efficiently, so you have minimal downtime in production.

With many years’ experience in specifying and supplying the world’s leading edge chemical pump users, you can trust us to enable your entire pumping process.

Using these self-priming pumps which also provide suction lift, we can enable you to pump pretty well anything from fish to glue, including sensitive products and fluids with solids. The workings of the pump may be simply reversed and the flow rate altered giving you maximum usage.

Rotary Lobe
We distribute many different lobe pumps, all of which are top quality and very well-engineered.
They are ideal particularly for the food and beverage industries because they save a lot of money in maintenance, when compared with traditional rubber-lined centrifugal pumps.

Our engineers are excellent lateral thinkers who love a challenge. We have provided pump solutions for all sorts of food and beverage products including tomatoes, chicken legs, oils, potato peelings and much more.

We have worked in the food and beverage industries for many years, building a vast store of knowledge and experience which will prove very valuable to your business.

We understand how much your business relies on the efficiency of your pumps and systems, and you will find us enthusiastic to do everything we can to keep you up and running.

From 4” lobe pumps through to 1” centrifugal open impeller hygienic pumps, we have used them all, and with state-of-the-art sanitary flange clamps, the installation and repair of your hygienic pumps is fast and efficient.

Screw pumps have become more and more popular as the world’s appetite for oils has grown.

Here at Dura Pump, we focus on high speed screw pumps which are quiet running and which have a low capital cost.

Our screw pumps have excellent suction performance and pulse free flow which makes them suitable for a wide application range. Marine and oil firms use them because they are the best for cargo handling, and are increasingly important to the food industry where new oils are being introduced.

Before selecting your screw pump, you are likely to benefit from our advice so please feel free to give us a call. We exist to make your life easier.

Often you will know you need a diaphragm pump or a diaphragm pump part, but may not be 100% sure of the best product or material.

Here at Dura Pump, we will analysis your pump and materials, and provide you with the answer from supply through installation, maintenance and repair.

When you need innovative and advanced technologies for high accuracy, Dura Pump has the products, experience and service to ensure your dosing pumps and systems are the very best answer to your individual scenario.

Our diaphragm metering pumps perform effectively and accurately over long periods of time, and we can help you pump a varying range of liquids including acids and chemicals. With many different ways to adjust the flow rate, measured in either the stroke length or by the pulse your operators will find the system easy to use.

Working with Dura Pump will result in the minimum of downtime; thus your firm makes more profit and you gain peace of mind.

That’s why we exist.

Progressive cavity
The progressive cavity pump has the main function of transferring fluids progressively, and is generally used for pumping viscous materials and for metering fluids. In particular it can convey shear-sensitive, frothing, abrasive, heterogeneous and viscous liquids.

The progressive cavity pump has a sequence of a fixed shape and small, discrete cavities as its rotor turns, forcing the medium out of the stator. We use a longer pump when a bigger head is needed. This ensures that the pressure inside the pump is controlled. During this process, the fluid is carried by the chamber that axially progresses from the suction to the discharging port of the pump.

Dura Pump has strong distributor relationships with most of the world’s most important progressive cavity pump manufacturers, such as Mono, Roto and Seepex so we can specify and supply your perfect pump.

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Variable speed drives

Top advice on variable speed drives from UK specialist

Variable speed drives

Extend the life of your pumps

Variable speed drives, also known as inverter drives, control how a pump is used. A variable speed drive ensures it supplies a constant pressure – within the ability of the pump – regardless of the flow demand. As the demands of the system rise and fall, the variable speed drive either speeds up or slows down the pump.

This means the lifetime of the pump is extended, as each pump has a shorter operation time, saving on wear and tear and obviating the need to replace the main wearing parts.

The variable speed drive also saves you energy due to the reduced use of the pump, resulting in less money spent on electricity.

Your choice of variable speed drive is vitally important, whether you are using it for an industrial process, agricultural system or common heating and cooling systems.

Here at Dura Pump we will ensure you select the right variable speed drive to optimize your pump usage and save you time, energy and money.

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Control panels

You can find simple pump stop-start programmes or complex pump control systems here at Dura Pump, your caring engineering experts.

Control panels and systems

We’ll help you build your ideal pump control panel and system

Whether you need a simple pump starting and stopping mechanism, or a complex control panel and system which protects your pump from any eventuality 24-7, Dura Pump is your ideal pump specialist team.

We can build any kind of control you require, including timing functions for set-time processes, remote monitoring, and audible and/or visual alarms.

Our pump control panels and systems are mainly used in commercial applications such as pump stations, sewage or waste-water treatment work and booster sets.

With our expertise, your system will work how you need it.

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Spares and accessories

Reliable, knowledgeable supplier of pump spares and accessories

Spares and accessories

We’ll keep your systems up and running

Dura Pump’s purpose in life is to supply you with the best possible pump and pump system – and that includes supporting you when due to long periods of usage, or even accidental mistreatment, you need spares and accessories fast.

Mechanical seals
A mechanical seals is a method of containing a fluid within a specific area. A mechanical seal typically consists of two parts; the stationary and the rotatory. A shaft will pass through both parts rotating with the rotatory part. The faces on the rotatory and the stationary are designed to provide seal to prevent a fluid passing through them. As you can imagine, there are many different seals for the hundreds of different pumps, mixers and rotating equipment. At Dura Pump, we stock many of the common seals from manufactures such as Burgamann, AES and Chesterton and many more. Speak to us at Dura Pump to get your perfect seal.

Expansion and Pressure Vessels
Expansion vessels are used to protect closed hot water systems. In a heating system, the expansion vessel allows the water to expand as it heats up and deliver a constant pressure. Having an internal pressure above that of the atmosphere prevents air getting in and causing corrosion. Dura Pump stocks these vessels ranging from 8 litres to 60 litres while larger sizes are available on request.

We hold large stocks of most of the everyday components found within your pump or system, such as hose tails, plastic pipe, brass and plastic fittings, mechanical seals and duck feet.

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