How to avoid booster set failure

Posted On Posted on 8th February, 2018 by Dura Pump

In buildings such as schools, hotels and hospitals, which are more often than not heavily populated, having a booster set that is functioning correctly and efficiently is crucial. People need to have water available as and when they need it, and at the right volume and pressure. Booster set failure and breakdown, therefore, is a headache that everyone is eager to avoid!

Dura Pump were recently called to a boarding school on the outskirts of Banbury who had unfortunately encountered this issue with a booster set that was refusing to function properly. There was an urgent need to have things up and running again for the students, so a quick inspection was carried out which revealed a blockage. The pumps had also been partially flooded in the plant room due to leaking pipework and seals. The system had clearly been through years of hard work and required plenty of TLC.

To get the water flowing, the toilets flushing and the students clean, a first aid repair was carried out immediately until a full repair or replacement could be done. The poor condition of the unit and the sheer amount of work required meant that it was not economically viable for it to be repaired or overhauled.

Instead, a brand new unit was supplied and installed within just 5 days! The school is now on track for years of reliability, which will ensure that students and staff are kept happy with no unwanted disruptions.

Experiencing unwanted booster set issues?

We understand the goal of every facility manager is to keep your building users happy. Regular maintenance visits are essential to ensure your booster set is running efficiently, saving on breakdowns and extending the life of the system considerably. Early identification of faults or wearing parts means items can be easily repaired or replaced without the need to replace an entire system.

If you’re experiencing the headache of booster set breakdowns, get in touch with Dura Pump today to arrange a free consultation. After all, it’s better to repair now than have to replace later!

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