Dura Pump reconditions 55kW Weir axial-flow pump for HR Wallingford

weir axial-flow pump repair

The Challenge

HR Wallingford designs smart, resilient solutions to help people to live and work sustainably with water. Experts in how water moves, behaves and influences communities, they use large water tanks to study coastal protection, flood management and other hydrological systems, which require the use of large pumps to create flow.  

One of HR Wallingford’s most important pieces of equipment of this type is a large 55kW Wier axial-flow pump, which had begun to experience performance shortfalls and display signs of wear. A major difficulty was that as this specific model was no longer in production, the organisation was unable to obtain the necessary spare parts needed to keep it running.

Our Solution

Dura Pump has extensive experience with pumps large and small, as well as the expertise to offer an end-to-end solution for this exact situation. 

Our team of engineers visited the site to remove the pump and bring it back to our facility to deliver a quote and effect the repairs. Even though this model was no longer supported, Dura Pump was able to source spares, and fabricate those which were no longer available. Our full overhaul, which comes with a 12-month warranty, included replacement of motor bearing gaskets, gland packing, and a full strip-down of the pump with a clean and complete re-spray. 

“We work with a lot of customers who need a full-service vendor who can handle the entire process of dismantling, reconditioning and re-installing a pump system, and there aren’t many companies that can do that as well as sourcing replacement parts for hardware that might have been out of production for decades,” explains John Calder, Technical Director. “Our engineers can overhaul just about any kind of pump system, even going so far as to fabricate new parts from scratch, to get it working as good as new!” 

After this, our engineers were able to deliver the pump back on-site and reinstall the pump, re-certifying it for use.

The Result

Dura Pump’s expertise gave HR Wallingford a complete solution all from a single point of contact, and ensured a vital piece of equipment was able to continue service without the additional time and expense of sourcing and purchasing a brand-new replacement. It meant that for a fraction of the cost of a new pump, the organisation could sustainably continue their work.

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