Helping a food manufacturer stop a run-off pollution emergency

The Challenge

A large food manufacturing site and leading food supplier discovered they had an issue from the vehicle wash bay. The run-off water was entering the stormwater system, resulting in a high possibility of contaminated water and chemicals entering watercourses. The Environment Agency had already provided the food manufacturer with a rectification request to stop any potential contamination.

Our Solution

To resolve the issue and reduce the risk to any watercourses, the client engaged with a civils contractor and had the vehicle wash area bunded. Dura Pump provided a pump and storage facility that would remove the water from the vehicle wash bunded area. The system that Dura Pump supplied included an actuated diverter valve and silt separator which pumped the contaminated water into a 15,000-litre above-ground bunded storage tank.

Whilst the vehicles were being washed, and for 2 hours after completion, the actuated valves allowed the water to flow through the separator and into the above-ground bunded tank. This above-ground bunded tank provided a storage facility for the waste liquid and enabled a safe removal from the site.

After the 2 hour period, the diverter valve opened and allowed stormwater that flowed into the vehicle wash bunded area to exit freely through the main stormwater interceptor and into a watercourse.

The system included the following key features to get the job completed: A hydrostatic level control system, level alert system, control panel housed in a kiosk, 15,000-litre bunded tank, silt separator with all associated pipework and a submersible pump.

The Results

The key result was to stop any possibility of pollution into our watercourses. By creating a dual-action system with a diverter valve, it significantly reduced the amount of waste liquid that required safe removal from the site for treatment.

Dura Pump provided a complete system working with the food manufacturer and civils contractor to ensure a safe, reliable solution for wastewater treatment.

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