Failed prison heating pump required an urgent solution

The Challenge

Heating and cooling pumps are key to keeping a building running efficiently. A well-known category B prison suffered a loss of heat to the main wing when its system failed. As it was the beginning of winter, the temperature was lower which made the loss of heating even more of an issue. It was also a Friday afternoon, and the prison was at threat of a whole weekend without heating. With so many issues present, the prison required a quick response and solution.

Our Solution

When the Dura Pump team attended the site, they discovered that a twin-head DAB heating pump had failed. Parts or a replacement for the installed pump were not readily available despite the fact the pump was not very old. Our engineers were able to isolate one head of the heating pump and get the pump operating sufficiently on one head to restore heating temporarily.

A replacement twin-head pump to suit the space and power requirements was not available quickly, but with our range of pumps available in stock, we were able to return on Saturday morning to install a single-head Lowara Ecocirc pump. The pump fitted the given pipework and would deliver the required flow to make sure the building heating would be restored with minimal disruption to the current system.

The Results

Within 18 hours of the old heating pump failing, the prison had a new reliable pump installed and the heating system was fully functional once more. Our original aim had been to install a twin head pump, but when this solution was not an option, we had to come up with another fix. Using our expert knowledge and a wide range of stocked pumps, we helped the prison get its system back on track. This would reduce the risk of further breakdowns and prevent repercussions within a prison that can be caused due to loss of heating or hot water.

By installing the solution that we did, we gave ourselves the time to source and obtain a suitable twin head pump that could be installed without causing disruption. From the start to the final result, our team resolved the breakdown quickly and supplied a successful solution at each stage.

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