New Pump System For A Local Council’s Pond Area

The Challenge

Many local council authorities are responsible for a range of water systems: from sewers and drinking water supplies right through to public fountains and pond systems. However, maintaining such water infrastructure requires regular maintenance, occasional repairs and constant attention – particularly in regards to the build up of algae.

Dura Pump were approached by a local council authority who were struggling with this challenge. With algae levels rising in a large pond area, the customer was rightfully concerned about its potential impacts, including discoloured water, green scum at the pond edges and dense mats of green growth under the surface. If the problem persisted or worsened, the problem could have even presented a threat to aquatic wildlife.

So – where did the problem start? Put simply, this pond area’s algae problem began with its existing pump system, which was originally installed to prevent algae build-up. This system was ageing and the filter was manually operated, meaning that lots of work had to be regularly put in to clean and clear the filters. With these factors combined, it’s no surprise that the filter eventually failed.

Dura Pump faced an additional challenge in this project: pump identification. The team wasn’t aware of the exact duty of the pump required, making it difficult to spec an ideal solution. Luckily, we love a challenge!

Our Solutions

Dura Pump held discussions with the local council authority as part of a full and comprehensive consultation process, visiting the site of the large pond area to take photographs, key measurements and quick drawings. As part of these discussions, it was quickly identified what flow was being created by their existing pump system. This allowed our team to find out what was required of any replacement pump.

After finding the flow and head of the existing pump system, the Dura Pump team specified the correct pump to ensure the pond area would circulate sufficiently to reduce algae build up. Beyond this, we also specified an automatic self-cleaning filter system to be fitted to efficiently and effectively clean the water and to protect the pump from any potential debris.

As part of this project, Dura Pump engineers supplied and installed a solution that comprised a pump, a filter, PVC pipework, isolation valves and non-return valves to ensure the best efficiency and durability was reached in the new system.

The Results

Dura Pump were delighted to sign off on another successful project on behalf of a local council authority. As a result of the pond area’s new pump and filtration system, the water is no longer stagnant with the pump creating flow around the pond and preventing algae build-up.

Aside from this impressive result, the pond area experienced reduced debris and algae entry thanks to a brand new filter. This brought the added benefit of increased longevity to the pump whilst significantly reducing maintenance requirements.

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