Large holiday and caravan park saves £100k per year by maintenance

The Challenge

A very large site comprising of 26 pump stations, in varying sizes from large twin pump stations sets to medium size single pump stations. In addition to the pump stations on-site, there is a range of booster sets, pressurisation sets, pool and heating pumps. The lack of regular maintenance over the years had resulted in the systems and equipment falling into poor repair. The lack of maintenance coupled with the incorrect specification meant some pump stations had the wrong pumps installed and as a result were failing regularly.

The system had the following issues (to name a few):

  • Failed pumps: some pump stations would be left with only one pump in operation after they became blocked due to incorrect items being put into the drains by the users of the holiday home
  • Failed floats: incorrect level management or no management leading to pump stations overflowing
  • Control panels failed or poor condition: some panels had faulty components, which could lead to a fire

As a result, the site was suffering from regular breakdowns. Our engineers were attending site on numerous callouts, to assist in keeping their site “flowing”. These breakdowns were costly for the customer and typically made it unpleasant for the site users and residents. The systems were crying out for TLC!

Our Solution

We visited the site and did a basic site assessment. We provided a comprehensive maintenance package for 3 years. The first visit we set up allowed us to fully assess and service every single system to identify all the faults, including the current issues and the potential issues arising in the future. Once this was complete, it meant the forthcoming years could be scheduled for a regular maintenance programme.

We carried out the initial service, which was a full service covering our standard 30 point checklist. From this, we created a full plan of repairs and remedial works in order of importance, ensuring the urgent issues were addressed first, to reduce the number of breakdowns and callouts, thus, in the long run, making a considerable saving. The plan allowed for a split of the repair works to be carried out over several months, spreading the cost and ensuring the urgent issues were given priority.

The customer followed the plan, and the works were carried out over a 3 to 4 month period.

The Results

Now the repairs are complete, the breakdowns have stopped and the customers’ overall costs have reduced. We continue to service the site on a regular basis and provide recommendations for remedial works as and when they arise. An all-round win for the customer – a healthy system, well cared for, reduced breakdown costs and most important of all – Happy Park Users.

The benefits of maintenance packages – prevention is better than cure.

“Thank you and the whole team for your hard work and support. The initial costs to bring you in and maintain our pumps was tough to push through, but proved to be a turning point. We went from £130k spend a year on pumps down to £30k thanks to your maintenance program. Should I have any need for pump services in the future I know who to ring! Thanks again and all the best to you and the team for the future.”

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