University of Warwick Case Study

Streamlining Asset Management with Connect - University of Warwick Case Study

The Challenge

Streamlining Asset Management with Dura Pump’s Connect App

Spanning nearly 1,000 acres and educating over 30,000 students across multiple sites, the University of Warwick faced a significant challenge in managing its assets. Tracking assets across the huge campus proved challenging for the university, holding back effective maintenance efforts. The university recognised the need for support in recording and assessing all sites to rationalise maintenance operations.

The Solution

To tackle the challenge, the University of Warwick adopted Dura Pump’s innovative Connect App. This digital solution enabled Dura Pump to accurately record all assets for the university across its vast campus. This provided a centralised database accessible to both the university and Dura Pump. With real-time asset information at their fingertips, maintenance tasks became more manageable. Additionally, Dura Pump set up a booster set and pressurisation service contract for the university, ensuring ongoing maintenance of assets to prevent downtime and reduce unexpected costs.


The implementation of Dura Pump’s Connect App and the creation of service contracts helped the University of Warwick achieve significant improvements in asset management and maintenance.

Key Points

  • Reduction in Unexpected Costs: By proactively monitoring assets and implementing regular maintenance schedules, the university minimised unexpected maintenance expenses and associated downtime.
  • Centralised Asset Management: The university now boasts a comprehensive record of all assets across its various sites, categorised and accessible in one centralised location, simplifying the asset management processes.
  • Regular Maintenance for Reliability: With scheduled maintenance plans in place, the university can ensure the continued reliability and performance of its pump systems, reducing the risk of unexpected failures and disruptions.
  • Energy Saving Recommendations: Through ongoing monitoring and assessment, energy-saving opportunities were identified, enabling the university to optimise energy usage and reduce operational the customer.

James Hutson

Contracted Out Services Officer, Mechanical Services of the University of Warwick
The campus is vast and keeping track of all assets on site is laborious. The Connect App has helped solve this. We can now look at all our assets any time we like and the maintenance contract gives us peace of mind that our pump systems will operate at optimal performance.

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