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Posted On Posted on 3rd July, 2018 by Dura Pump
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With so many different types of pumps, it can be confusing to figure out which one is best for your application, therefore we’ve put together a series of blogs to give you a summary of each pump type to make your decision easier.

This is part two of our guide to the different types of Process Pumps, if you haven’t already, you should check out WHICH TYPE OF PUMP DO I NEED? – PROCESS PUMPS PART 1 OF 2.


external gear pumps

External Gear Pumps

External Gear Pumps feature two gears that come into and out of mesh to produce flow. These two gears are identical and rotate against each other, one gear is driven by a motor, which in turn drives the other gear. Each gear is supported by a shaft with bearings on both sides of the gear. Also, because the gears are supported on both sides, external gear pumps are quiet-running and with no overhung bearing loads, the rotor shaft can’t deflect and cause premature wear.

Applications: Bitumen pumping, tallow pumping, bitumen emulsion pumping, resin pumping, molasses pumping and waste oil pumping.

Diaphragm Pumps

Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps are probably the most versatile pump on the market today. Air powered, these pumps are able to pump thick and thin liquids, as well as solids-laden and abrasive liquids. They can dry run, dead-head (will simply stop pumping and wait for the pressure to be released) and work submerged or dry mounted.

Applications: Beverages, bitumen, blood, caustic, chemicals, chocolate, condiments, water, fertiliser, fruit pulps, heavy fuel oil, ink, latex, lime slurry, nitric acid, oils & hydrocarbons, olive oil, polymers, sodium hypochlorite, sunflower seed oil, tomato sauce.

diaphragm pumps

Magnetic Drive Pumps

Magnetic Drive Pumps are ideal for pumping toxic and dangerous chemicals. Unlike most centrifugal pumps that rely on a mechanical seal (subject to constant leakage and eventually failure) to prevent fluid leaking, magnetic drive pumps are completely sealed. The impeller is enclosed in a hermetically sealed casing and motor power is transmitted via a magnetic drive system.

Applications: Bulk chemical transfer.

Twin Screw Pumps

Twin Screw Pumps are amazingly versatile hygienic pumps that are ideal for pumping pharmaceutical and food & beverage products. The same pump is able to pump the product at low and gentle flow rates and then speed right up to get the fast cleaning velocities required. Twin Screw Pumps are capable of pressures up to 35 bar and flows up to 300m³/h.

Applications: Fruit purees pumping, yoghurt pumping, cream pumping, dairy pumping.


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